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PROCoach trainer courses
21 Apr, 2021
Orange Fitness Premium Club has organized gym trainer courses. PROCOACH is consisted of 4 programs: PROSeminar, PROCoach1, PROCoach2, PROCoach3.

The courses consist of theoretical and practical parts, which will give a complete and comprehensive idea of the coaching work, organization of safe trainings, effective implementation of the goals.

   PROSeminar (1 day | 2-3 hours) - this is one-day seminar, where you will get enough information through questions and answers to make training in the gym safer and more effective. This course is useful both for gym addicted ones who want to train on their own, and for beginner trainers. 

1 Losing weight

2 Functional trainings

3 CrossFit

4 Muscle building program

5 Nutritional supplements

6 Injuries

7 Q&A

   PROCoach1 (12 day | daily 2-3 hours) - is designed for people who regularly go to the gym, but do not intend to work as a trainer. During this one-month course, they will learn to organize their own training and achieve their goals (to lose weight or gain muscle mass)

1 Muscle working mechanism (biomechanics)

2 Stages and programs of losing weight

3 Difference between Crossfit և functional trainings

4 Excess weight losing trainings at home

5 Excess weight losing training at gym

6 Muscle building program

7 Nutritional supplements

   PROCoach2 (24 day | daily 2-3 hours) - is a one-month course, during which the participants will learn the techniques of losing weight, muscle building program, as well as drawing up crossfit and functional training programs. After the course, certificates will be awarded by the Orange Fitness Premium Club and the best participants will have the opportunity to internship at our club.

1 PROCoach1

2 Athletics - history

3 Exercises - terminology

4 Compilation of SPLIT training programs

5 Isometrics

6 Hormonal disorders - program compilation

7 Food programs

8 Exam

9 Certification

   PROCoach3 (24 day | daily 2-3 hours) - is a two-month coaching course, after which you will be qualified as an international coach, which will allow you to work in more than 27 countries.

1 PROCoach1

2 PROCoach2

3 Injuries

4 Postoperative rehabilitation work

5 Blood pressure problems

6 Nutritional supplements and steroids

7 Exam

8 Certification